Chester Greenhalgh Hot Rod How-To Budget Bundle

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You're in for loads of hot rod building information, fun and savings when you choose to buy this collection of popular Chester Greenhalgh hot rod “how to” eBooks together. Get them altogether and save $30.



Buy them all together and save big on 4 of the popular Chester Greenhalgh hot rod “How-To” eBooks.

How to Build a T-Bucket Roadster for Under $3000

The legendary hot rod how-to that made Chester famous and showed thousands the simplest, least expensive way to build a fun T-Bucket roadster. You get 258 pages, with over 400 photos, templates, diagrams and illustrations that will reveal to you every detail of how to build your own T-Bucket hot rod roadster on a budget. Learn everything you’ll need to know that will save you time and money by being able to scratch build your own truly custom T-Bucket hot rod! Really valuable info for the T-Bucket builder, buyer or owner! (Individually $19.99).

Hot Rod or Rat Rod: How to Mount a Cheap Antique Truck Body on a Late Model Pickup Chassis

Aside from the PT Cruiser, one of the least expensive and simplest ways to go hot rodding today is by mating a classic pickup truck body to a modern car or truck chassis and V8 engine. That’s exactly what Chester shows you step-by-detailed-step in this new eBook. This combination results in modern-day power, performance and reliability teamed with classic hot rod style and the satisfaction of being able to say, “I did it all myself.” 200+ color photos detail how. (Regularly $12.99).

How to Build a Full-On Radical Custom on a Beer Budget

Chester’s new custom cars and custom trucks masterpiece lays it all out for you in 130 pages crammed full of money-saving info, tips, tricks and “why didn’t I think of thats” in the straightforward, humorous way he’s become famous for. he’s packed it with almost 250 color photos so you’ll see just how you can do it all in your home garage with a bare minimum of tools. (Regularly $16.99).

Fun Projects With Lawn Mower Engines

Chester’s eBook that will make you an overnight small engine expert and show you how to apply “hot rod” creativity to cool new lawn mower engine projects for not only your with lawn mower but also for boating, air compressors, minibikes/choppers and more. He makes it easy by using the most popular Briggs & Stratton flathead engine. They produced millions of these engines every year for decades — and you’ll find them everywhere for cheap. Over 180 color photos. (Regularly $9.99).


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