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Discover how to build a 1930s style coupe with 21st Century technology and creature comforts, in less than 6 months on a budget under $3000 (which includes $1500 for a donor car). Chester Greenhalgh’s fifth hot rod “how to” eBook guides you through every step in over 190 pages with 330+ color photos.

NOTE: Only available as a digital download PDF file you read and/or print out from your computer. Hard copies are NOT available. We found that most hot rod builders want their info fast and cheap.

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The 21st Century calls for a revolutionary new breed of hot rod: the PT Cruiser Coupe.

In this new five-minute video, Chester shows you how he did it, the costs involved, and the benefits of this easy 3 Window Coupe build he details in his new eBook.

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Few hot rodders today can afford the tens of thousands of dollars and years of time required to build any kind of 1930s looking street rod. In this new eBook, which can be read and printed out from any computer, legendary low-buck builder, Chester Greenhalgh, shows you every detail of how to build it yourself — for under $3K, in less than 6 months!

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In this new eBook (a simple PDF file you download to your computer), you’ll discover how Chester built his own beautiful PT Cruiser coupe for a total outlay of $1614, including $450 for the PT Cruiser donor car. To prove that anybody can do the same, he built it in a carport with a minimum of tools. The detailed Bill of Materials in the book even includes an under-$100 Harbor Freight MIG welder!

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You’ll learn how to go from a sad $450 crunched PT Cruiser like this one that Chester started with …



To a one-of-a-kind PT Cruiser Hot Rod Coupe like this for way under $2K! And that includes the $450 for the wreck, plus over $400 for custom pearl paint. So, if you already own a PT Cruiser or you’re planning to build a primered rat rod you can do it for much less!



Every aspect of converting a bland PT Cruiser into a modern day coupe with the traditional style of a 1935 to 1940 Ford hot rod is covered in over 190 pages in this eBook. Chester guides you through every step of the conversion with over 330 color photos.

Why Build a PT Cruiser Coupe?



Aside from the fact that it’s a really cool looking street rod, some of the reasons to build your own PT Cruiser Coupe include the following:

  • You can give the PT Cruiser the early ’30s coupe look and style while still keeping all of Detroit’s creature comforts.
  • You would still have your AC, stereo, defrosters, pollution controls, electric windows, rear wiper, washer and defroster, and soft electric seats.
  • You would have a hot rod with modern safety features like air bags, seat belts, back up alarm and anti-lock disc brakes.
  • You would get terrific gas mileage in an age when every penny counts and still have the option to drastically increase the horsepower with bolt-ons.
  • You would have no problems with inspections, insurance or vehicle titling.
  • You won’t have to worry about your wife or 16 year old not being able to or not wanting to drive your street rod if necessary.
  • You could be actually driving your PT Cruiser coupe almost the entire time you’re working on it.

The great thing about using the PT Cruiser for a hot rod is availability. Over 1.4 million PT Cruisers were built over a 10 year span and they are now CHEAP on the used market! In addition, junkyard parts from PTs, Neons, Stratus and other Chrysler products will interchange with your project. You can even find a complete turbocharger on a junkyard PT for a fraction of what you’d pay for it on the aftermarket. The PT Cruiser Coupe can be today’s lowest cost, highest impact hot rod!

PT Cruiser Coupe Fabricator/Author



Chester Greenhalgh established his reputation as the master of low-buck, large-impression hot rod “how to” 30 years ago with his legendary “How to Build a T-Bucket Roadster for Under $3000”It’s was so comprehensive and unique that people were glad to pay $200 for a copy when it was out of print. We’ve been working with Chester since 2009 when we released the updated eBook version of his T-Bucket book. And his success continues with his fifth hot rod “how to” eBook, How to Build a 3 Window Coupe.

Chester said, “Perhaps this will become the ‘Deuce coupe’ of the future. I want to create a Hot Rod that anyone with or without mechanical expertise can build. I’ve always considered myself a good mechanic but I’m completely lost on today’s cars. I don’t think I’m alone in that. So the answer for the 21st Century is a Hot Rod that doesn’t have to change anything mechanical, to make a car that looks bitchin’ by just rearranging some metal. And if you are a horsepower freak you can install any kind of motor you want in it.”

Make this the year you both start and complete your own unique PT Cruiser Coupe on a budget!

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  3. It was ok It told me what I needed to know

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