1937 to 1940 Willys Street and Strip Gasser Frame Plans

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If you have or are building a 1937-1942 Willys gasser for street or strip you’ll need these Willys gasser frame plans to replace that 75-year-old, thin, flimsy C-channel frame. Even with a mild build you’ll be increasing your Willys’ horsepower by over 500% and it’s weight by over 25%. With this jumbo-sized 16-page detailed plan set, you can build your own economic, safe, modern Willys Gasser Frame for street or strip. We include all the drawings you need with detailed dimensions, material specifications, assembly instructions and itemized bill of materials. For more info, see the detailed Product Description below.

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1937 to 1940 Willys Gasser Frame Plans

Everybody loves a Willys gasser. But did you ever wonder why the Willys became so popular starting back in the 60s with Gas class drag racers? When the popular Willys coupes were introduced in 1937 they were marketed as 40 MPG economy cars.

1937 to 1940 Willys Gasser Frame Plans


With a 61 HP 4-cylinder engine capable of zero to 60 in 18 seconds, they didn’t get an MPG figure that was double what most on the road had through advanced engine technology. It was simply through light weight! And that’s what made them popular with gasser builders.

1937 to 1940 Willys Gasser Frame Plans


With a curb weight only slightly less than a Model A of a decade earlier, the Willys also had better steering and brakes. More importantly, though, it was much more streamlined than a Model A or Deuce which had front fenders that were as streamlined as running into the wind with a sheet of plywood.

1937 to 1940 Willys Gasser Frame Plans


Take a look at the stock Willy chassis above and note that the side frame rails use only C-channel construction with thin 7/64″ material!

1937 to 1940 Willys Gasser Frame Plans


Today, though, even with a mild 350 HP engine you’ll be increasing your Willys’ horsepower by over 500% and it’s weight by over 25%. Get ready for some problems: not only in handling and potential failure, but also your body work getting torqued and paint cracked — to say nothing of keeping doors aligned and opening. Hey, even if you’re thinking additional crossmembers and reinforcement, just remember that it’s just an addition on a thin steel frame that’s 75 years old! After a few years of mishaps even the NHRA changed the rules to allow Willys Gasser owners to ditch the original flimsy frame.

1937 to 1940 Willys Gasser Frame Plans


Our Willys gasser frame plans show you how to build a modern frame using strong, readily available and economic 1/8″ rectangular steel tubing!

1937 to 1940 Willys Gasser Frame Plans


And our plans can be used to build a modern chassis for a 1937 to 1942 Willys coupe, sedan or pickup truck.

1937 to 1940 Willys Gasser Frame Plans


If you’re shopping for a newly built Willys Gasser chassis, though, get ready to spend over $5000 for something that was designed only for the drag strip. But, there’s a better, much cheaper way.

The Most Complete 1937-1942 Willys Gasser Frame Plans

This plan set shows you how to build either standard width main frame rails or the Pro Street version to accommodate large rear tires, 4 important strengthening crossmembers, including a driveshaft loop for safety, as well as body mounts to go with most available fiberglass Willys bodies.

1937 to 1940 Willys Gasser Frame Plans
No, it’s not a book — that’s just how we identify our plans online. Your drawing package that will be mailed to you includes 14 big 11×17” pages showing you how to make all parts, assemble them and successfully install the finished frame for your Willys Gasser.

The plans are not only detailed, but also versatile to cover the many different ways you may want to custom tailor your 1937 to 1942 Willys frame.

  • The plans with work with a straight axle or a Mustang II independent front suspension.
  • The rear end can be mounted with ladder bars, 4 link, 4 bar or leaf springs.
  •  Drawings are provided for a stock width frame as well as a narrowed version to permit you to mount monster tires and install wheel tubs.
  •  All frame rail parts
  • Crossmembers, including rear coil over crossmember & mounts
  • Driveshaft loop
  • Front spring mounts (required if using a straight axle)
  • Body mounts to work with most available fiberglass bodies

The drawing package includes: Fourteen (14) big 11×17” pages showing you how make all parts, assemble them and then install the finished product successfully on your car. In addition to the drawings you also will receive full installation instructions, bill of materials as well as important information on how to make the options you choose work for your car.

Each step of the way, you’ll learn what is the proper material and size to use, exact dimensions and drawings, 3D views and detailed construction tips, like how to ensure crossmembers are properly cut to avoid chassis misalignment.

If that’s not enough, the plans also include in exact detail how to lay out an assembly table just for your Willys gasser frame to assure its proper alignment, as well as final assembly instructions.

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  1. My chassis builder has looked at the plans, and is very impressed with the detailed information included in the drawings. Well done!

  2. I finally received my plans, and was very happy on how percise they were, Very helpful on the measurements on the Willy’s my son and I are working on. Also, very please on your response to my emails on my concerns.

  3. I was more than pleased with the detail and accuracy of the plans

  4. They are great ! Detail and customer support could not be better !

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