Model A Frame Blueprints, Dimensions, Plans to Build Model A Frame

Model A Frame dimensions blueprints plans

Build a strong, modern correct Model A Frame with our dimensions, blueprints and plans.

The Ford Model A frame was designed for a 40 horsepower engine in a car with a top speed of 60 mph. When Ford came out with the 65 horsepower V-8 in 1932, they ditched the flimsy Model A frame for the much larger Deuce frame — just for the extra 25 horsepowerYou don’t even want to think of using an 85-year-old Model A frame today with a modern V-8 having ten times more horsepower!

As Tim Bernsau noted in the February, 2009 issue of ROD & CUSTOM magazine, “One of the original reasons rodders began building A’s on Deuce rails … was the fact that the Model A frames weren’’t rigid enough to handle the increased power. We’’ve often heard old-timers refer to Model A–-framed rods as ‘“flexible fliers’.” It’s not a compliment.”

Here is what you need to construct a dimensionally correct Model A frame from strong new, readily available rectangular steel tubing to provide a strong backbone for your Hot Rod, Street Rod or Rat Rod. Model A frames made with these RodPlans will be much stronger than a boxed original Model A frame. — In addition, the plans show how you may build either a stock or lowered chassis, with a stock or suicide front crossmember.

While these plans are designed to produce a frame for 1928 to 1931 Model A Fords, the frame will also work on many other cars of the same era with little or no modifications, or to replace Model A frames used in many hot rods built over the years.

Model A Frame RodPlans Include:

    • How to produce a strong chassis that is built to original Model A dimensions
    • How to do it using readily available rectangular steel tubing that is 2″x4″x0.125″
    • How to turn that standard rectangular tubing into frame rails of the correct shape and profile to properly fit your street rod, hot rod, or Model A restoration.
    • Plans cover using a traditional transverse leaf spring and modifications necessary to use coilover rear suspension
    • How to adjust for Z-ing the frame to lower it
    • What you need to to do if building a fendered steet rod
    • How to adjust if building a fenderless hot rod
    • How to construct the stock style front crossmember to lower car 1.5 inches, or
    • How to build a suicide front end for that real hot rod look
    • How to lay out your Model A frame rails and work surface or bench
    • How to shape the distinctive front horns of the Model A frame rails
    • How to make the rear frame rails taper like on a stock Model A frame
    • How to assemble the frame to ensure proper alignment
    • What the appropriate guidelines and cautions regarding welding and filing of welds are

Build a Model A Frame
You will receive professionally drawn, fully-dimensioned engineering drawings that show every aspect of Model A Frame construction. The Model A Frame RodPlans drawing package includes:Six (6) big 11×17” pages showing you how make all parts, assemble them and then install the finished product successfully on your car. In addition to the drawings, you also will receive a Bill of Materials and full assembly instructions. All of that for only $16.99 for U.S. and Canada customers (and only $19.49 for International customers).

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